6 weeks to go!

April 26, 2022

6 weeks to go!

We hope you are enjoying your training for the Swim for a Mile (SFAM) challenge! With less than 6 weeks to go we are getting close to the beginning of the indoor challenge events! You should hopefully be starting to feel a lot smoother in the water compared to a few weeks ago!
As your event creeps closer, some things to keep in mind during your training include:

  • Keeping your speed as you approach the turn at each wall, avoid slowing down as you pass the flags!
  • Only touch the wall with one hand to speed things up!
  • Remember to keep your legs kicking throughout your swim, when we get tired this can be the first thing to go!
  • Avoid holding your breath for too long, make sure you are blowing bubbles as you swim, this will also help to keep you more relaxed! 

Still need to sign up?
Find your local event pool and sign up for the challenge here!

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