A number of coaching clinics will take place in designated SFAM pools over the course of the Swim for a Mile challenge


Training with friends can be a bit more fun, help you stay motivated and push yourself that little bit harder! In addition to our event venues, we have a list of super training venues, delivering 12 weeks of coached sessions to help you prepare for the big day! You can see a full list of our SFAM Training Pools by clicking below!

Aside from the weekly coached sessions we also offer, once a month Master Class Technique Clinics at designated pools over the course of the Swim For a Mile Challenge.

Core Concepts of Technique Clinics

These clinics are expert led, by International and Olympic Swimmers. Clinic provide the opportunity to prepare for the Swim For a Mile Challenge by stripping your stroke back to basic to focus on the core concepts of swimming:

  • Body Position
  • Kicking
  • Pulling
  • Phases of a stroke cycle

All technique clinics are free of charge to those who have registered for a Swim for a Mile event day. Clinics for the 2020 challenge will take place over January 24th, February 21st and March 20th weekends at designated pools.

Clinics will be available to book on the first Monday of each month at 9am via your dashboard. Numbers are limited per clinic, so be sure to book as soon as they appear!

If a clinic that you wish to attend has reached its maximum capacity, you may join the queue for the clinic. If a space becomes available, you will automatically fill it and receive an email notification.