Off The Couch: Whole Body Circuit

A session with Off The Ball to replicate swimming at home!

2-3 Rounds of 3 sets of 4 exercises (lower body, upper body, core, aerobic).

30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest (add more rest to make easier).


  1. Squat to sit -I forgot to mention harder version of single legged squat
  2. Shoulder Taps
  3. Dead Bugs
  4. Theraband Swim
  1. Split Squat – raise back leg for more difficulty
  2. Press ups – I forgot to mention easier on knee version on press ups
  3. Toe Touches
  4. Theraband Swim
  1. Glute Bridge – elevated & single legged for more difficulty
  2. Chair Dips
  3. Flutter Kicks – hands under bum for easier option
  4. Theraband Swim

If you don’t have a theraband you can replace swim with jumping jacks, high knees and burpees.

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