Indoor Challenge

The Indoor Challenge is returning in 2024.

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The SFAM Indoor Challenge runs annually from January to April across indoor swimming pools nationwide. Weekly SFAM training commences in January each year to provide 10-12 weeks of preparation before the events in April. Events are open to those aged 12 years and over. On event day, you will be greeted by supportive staff who will be with you throughout your swim, counting your laps and cheering you on! SFAM events are all about completing the mile or half mile at your own pace with the support you need.

You can find out more about the weekly SFAM training over on our Training page here.

In 2023 Swim For a Mile committed to donating €5,000 to our Official Charity Partner; The Children’s Health Foundation, but you helped us reach our goal of €10,000! In fact, we raised over €15,000 for the Children’s Health Foundation.

The cost of booking an event has changed, find out why here. Your booking will cover your event entry for the timed swim, event pack and access to paid technique clinics, coached by International and Olympic swimmers (€10 per clinic).

Our technique clinics differ from the weekly SFAM training. Clinics are special swim sessions coached by Olympic and International Swimmers, they are an opportunity to get expert advice on your technique, meet fellow SFAM’ers and ask the coaches any questions you might have about swimming or the challenge in general. Technique clinics are only open to those booked into a SFAM event. You will receive an access code before clinic bookings open, enabling you to book. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list when booking your event, so we can send you this code! Clinics run at the end of January, February and March at designated pools.