It’s Not Just Swimming a Mile!

January 12, 2022

Here’s the thing; Learning to “Swim For A Mile” doesn’t just mean you can swim one mile. When you hit the mile, doors suddenly open into unexpected places. By completing the training and challenge at one of our events you will have earned yourself far more than just a medal, time and that one-mile swim!

New Mindset
Setting out to complete a goal like Swim For A Mile requires a change in mindset; no matter where you started this journey from, along the way you have had to make changes to how you think to keep progressing! To build up to swimming one mile, you will no doubt prioritise training over other things; planning around your training and working towards that goal, usually considering how everything else will affect your swimming. By achieving your goal, you will have developed discipline, determination and confidence, that you can use wherever, and however you like. Because it’s yours – and you earned it!

New Friends
That group of people you’ve been training with or sharing support from in the build-up to your Swim For A Mile event are still there when you’re done!
Participants often find that those they have met through Swim For a Mile training, become great friends, sharing their swimming journey and sometimes going on to achieve new goals together too. Many go on to join their local swimming clubs, finding more swimming friends, having discovered a shared passion that only such folk understand!

New Lifestyle
With your new mindset and new friends, it’s very likely that even after SFAM is over, your routines will continue as they did in the build up to achieving your goal.
So, by training to complete SFAM 2020, you will have changed your lifestyle to be more active, rewarding and healthy. That’s a great start to the year and sets you up perfectly for a summer outdoors, swimming, walking, running, cycling and anything else your new, fitter body might enjoy!

Open Water
In recent times, one of the most popular goals that our Swim For A Mile’s go on to do together is SFAM Open Water, which takes place each summer in the Irish Sea.
SFAM Open Water is like the pool challenge but involves training in the sea or an outdoor Bath (e.g. Clontarf Baths) to build up to completing the mile in the great outdoors! It might sound a bit crazy right now, but you might change your mind about what’s possible, with your newfound swimming confidence.

Travel Adventures
If you can swim one mile in the swimming pool, you can swim one mile in the open water. If you can do both of those with confidence, you might even enjoy a swimming holiday!
Yes, there is such a thing – and you are now in the exclusive gang of people brave enough to try one. Swimming holidays are run by specialist companies all around the world, mainly in luxuriously warm, clear waters.
A typical day on a swimming holiday begins with a sunny breakfast, before a boat ride to a beautiful location, where everyone jumps off and goes for a swim, stopping for photos and refreshments along the way. After a rest and some lunch, another boat ride brings more scenic swimming, before everyone sails home for dinner lit by sunset… sounds pretty awesome to us!

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