GUIDE: How to signup for Swim for a Mile

This guide will show you how to create a free account and register for the Swim for a Mile Challenge in three easy steps.

The video below is the animated version and a text version is below if you scroll down.


Signing up is easy. Simply click the signup link on the top menu bar (top of this page) or click here which lets you create a free account with

Then lookout for the activation email and click the link in this mail. Sometimes with so many different email companies and providers, the activation email might get hidden inside your junk or spam folder so be sure to check these folders if you haven’t received it after a few minutes.


Once successfully activated, you can now go to the website and login using your details you registered with (your email address & chosen password).

This will bring you to your personal dashboard where you can edit details of your account.

From here the next step is to select a free training programme. You can choose the 1 x 600m format or the 1 x 800m format. These are training programmes aimed at getting you fit and confident for the Swim for a Mile Challenge in March 2018.

To select your training, click on the Select Programme button and then choose either 1600m or 800m option and click save. You’ll receive our exclusive training programme which you can download every week helping you to get in the best shape for the challenge.

Your free training programme will now appear in your dashboard every Friday so you can download it. An email will be sent to remind you of this.


Now that you’ve chosen your training format, you can click the register button in the Challenge Registration box, browse and select a local pool near you.

This lets you choose the pool that you want and at a time-slot that suits you best and at an estimated time period that suits your ability.

The fee for taking part in the challenge is just €30.

You’ll also have access to coached training sessions in selected pools where you can take part in training which is reserved exclusively for Swim for a Mile members see the training schedules for more info.

Once you have signed up for your challenge you’ll have the chance to attend our expert-led Coaching Clinics at selected pools, which you can book your place for via your dashboard 10 days prior.