It Will Take More Than Storm Emma to Stop our SFAM’ers!

  We know that #stormemma probably put a spanner in the works for last weeks #SFAM training, but as long as you are safe and well that’s all that matters! We still have plenty of time to prepare for the main event!   During the last two weeks of the training programme we are upping the intensity again. We even have a sneaky time trial in there to allow you a practice run for the actual challenge. Before you panic, the time trial is just for 50% of your actual event swim! Use this opportunity to play around with some pacing and find a suitable speed that you can hold for the duration of the mile / 800m, focus on building your speed as you go. Once you have completed your time trial, you will have a better idea of what time you may achieve during your event; although it is likely to be faster than you expect, thanks to all of the event day adrenaline! You can then update your estimated time of completion via your dashboard if you feel that you’re likely to swim faster than you first stated during registration, this will ensure that you are allocated the most suitable lane with swimmers of similar ability.   As always, remember all of the technique work we have been focussing on throughout the past weeks, always trying to move fluidly through the water, with minimal excess movement, keeping strokes long and strong to cover more meters per stroke! Don’t sacrifice your technique for speed, as in the long run it will only cause your to tire sooner!   If you haven’t already, we would strongly advize that you complete your registration to secure a space at your desired event venue. Spaces are filling up fast and once a venue has reached capacity, we cannot accommodate further entries unfortunately.   We hope that you have enjoyed the programme so far, make the most of your final few weeks of training with your fellow SFAM’ers and if you have any questions regarding the event day or training content please do get in touch via   Bethany Swim For a Mile Team