Swim for a Mile 2018 Fast Approaching!


The opening week of Swim For a Mile 2018 is right around the corner! Starting with our flagship pools, we will be hitting the road heading for Limerick on March 20th, the next stop being NUIG, Galway on March 21st, moving up to Belfast for the Olympia Leisure event on March 22nd and back to Dublin for the NAC event on March 25th! The #SFAM roadshow continues to April 28th, by which we hope to have delivered another successful year of fun filled events!


As your jitters begin to creep in, just remember this event is all about showing up, supporting your fellow SFAM’ers and enjoying being in the water! For those of you now entering your 8th week, we have no doubt, that by now you feel like a different person in the water! Just take a moment to remember how far you have come and we still have 3 full weeks of training left before our first #SFAM event!


Now is the time to build on all of that technique work you have been doing since January and apply it to swimming fast! We are moving into more of an endurance phase now, as we add on a few lengths here and there whilst ramping up the intensity! BEFORE YOU PANIC, remember what you have learnt over the past few weeks around swimming efficiently! This is what will get you through the extra mileage and make it seem easy peasy (perhaps a slight exaggeration, but positive attitudes will also help!). Even picking one technical point within each set of a session will help narrow your focus and it may even distract you from that burning sensation you are beginning to feel in your muscles! Although you have to admit, that burning feeling is growing on you!


We have heard some incredible stories over the last few weeks from our SFAM’ers and their reasons for participating in the challenge. Each raising money individually for charities close to them and their families. If you have a reason for participating this year we would love to hear from you!


A number of our #SFAM pools are now fully booked! So if you haven’t claimed your space already, make sure to login to your dashboard today and complete the registration process! If you are having difficulties doing so, feel free to contact us at


Happy Swimming! Enjoy your last few weeks!