T Minus 8 Days!

Can you believe it’s almost here?! We are eight days out from the first Swim For a Mile Event of 2018 and we are ready for action! You have one last week of hard training (depending on when your event is of course!), then we get to cool the jets for a nice taper! We know week 9 & 10 will have taken it out of you, as the mileage stays high and the intensity ain’t easy! So make sure to enjoy your St Patrick’s weekend, take some time to relax and unwind – you deserve it! Week 10 of the training is similar to week 9. Sustaining that high volume/intensity balance for a second week is what will maximise your aerobic capacities and give you the confidence to rock up on event day and swim your socks off! As we challenge you this week, make sure you are fuelling well for your sessions. Don’t limit yourself because you ate too close to training, forgot to include some electrolytes in your drink or haven’t eaten enough to fuel your energy! Check out week four’s newsletter for our top tips on nutrition! For anyone who is starting to feel those nerves creep in, why not try our simple land warm up. It is a great way to get your mind relaxed and your body ready for the water! Land Warm up:
  • 5 Single arm circles – backwards
  • 5 Single arm circles – forwards
  • 5 Double arm circles – backwards
  • 5 Double arm circles – forwards
  • 5 alternating arm swings – hand begins at your hips and finishes by touching down behind your neck
  • 6 Head tilts – straight posture, bring left ear down to left shoulder and back to middle / right ear down to right shoulder and back to middle
  • 6 Semi neck circles – forwards
  • 5 Semi body circles – bend at the hips and move forwards from the left hand side round to right hand side in a semi circle motion to open up back and hamstrings.
You can also add in some engaging exercises like press-ups, crunches and squats, however only if the poolside is safe to do so i.e not slippy and a mat is available! Many of the time slots at our #SFAM pools are almost full, so please make sure to complete your registration if you haven’t already, as we don’t want anyone left disappointed at missing the opportunity! See you soon! Bethany Swim For a Mile Team