Three Weeks out!

With only three weeks to go until Swim For a Mile (SFAM) 2018 kicks off with its opening event week, our event venues are starting to fill up! Your preferred time may already be full, so be sure to login today and register your space, before it is too late!


This week, we are building our endurance with more focus on aerobic swimming, the goal will be to maintain your technique as you fatigue! If you can master holding your technique when the pressure is on and fatigue settles in, you are more likely to swim efficiently on the SFAM event day i.e. swim faster, using less energy – who doesn’t love that?!


It is common throughout all levels of swimming, to forget about the technical process as environmental pressureĀ is applied. This is why it is good to practice it in training in preparation for event or race days! We will be moving through a few gears within our sessions this week, swimming at smooth, moderate and strong paces. Managing these speed changes, gives structure to your swimming and indeed racing! Swim For a Mile may not be a marathon, but it is definitely not a sprint! You will have to resist the temptation of swimming too fast too soon, learning to be patient is key to perfecting your pacing.


Hoping to see you over the next month or in April at one of our fun filled #SFAM Event Days!


Don’t forget to keep us updated on your progress with #SFAM2018 on social media – we love receiving your photographs!