Welcome to Week One!

It is time to start your Swim For a Mile (SFAM) training, week 1 now available! Click through to your SFAM Dashboard, to download your first week of training sessions.

If you hope to attend our SFAM training, don’t forget to check when your local pool begins their coached sessions and if you need to book in advance.

This week, we are starting with the basics, looking at some of the fundamental swimming skills like sculling, kicking and breathing! Both 800m and 1600m programmes are the same this week as we all need to know these important swimming skills! Take your time through each drill and really focus on how your body interacts with the water as you swim, this week is all about feeling that water!

This starts your 10-week training programme, each week you will grow stronger and more confident and before you know it, you will be arriving at your event venue to swim the 800m or the mile in March or April!

If you haven’t already registered your event venue head over to your dashboard and pick your pool to avail of our early bird special, simply enter #EARLYBIRD for a €5 discount. Once you have fully registered you will gain access to the first round of SFAM Technique Clinics, taking place at the end of January, make sure to keep an eye out for our invitational email as clinic spaces fill up fast!

For more information on registration watch our informational video!

If your local pool is not appearing in our list, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for updates, as more pools may be added in the coming weeks!

Let’s wash out the Christmas and New year festivities and make it a #FunFit2018 by taking the plunge into Swim For a Mile!

Enjoy your first week and let us know how you get on via Twitter and Facebook – Happy Swimming!

Swim For a Mile Team