Staying Positive

We can’t be expected to remain positive all the time through Covid-19, but if you share each period of positivity you experience with others, imagine the effect? We have all learnt how an infectious disease spreads; one person coughs on another, who shook hands with another, who touches two more people and so on.

What if we take that knowledge and use it to spread a far more powerful and welcome infection; positivity. Every time you hit a high point, share it with someone else. Call them, set up a video call, invite them to join an online fitness class with you, send them a recipe, send them a funny picture, or a memory, or voicemail.

That’s how it starts.

Let’s spread positivity around our communities!
5 tips that could help you feel better during this strange time, breaking up the monotony of being at home:

  1. Find a routine
  2. Keep your plate colourful!
  3. Movement is medicine
  4. Talk
  5. Unwind

1. Find a routine
We all know routine is important, but we also know that they are difficult to stick to right now!

Wake up around the same time that you normally would to simulate your day. When that alarm goes off, it has to be with intent. You’re getting up to jump straight into the shower, go for a morning walk (keeping within 2km of your home!) or to make a yummy breakfast – you cannot go straight into emails 10 minutes after waking up, so take some time to yourself or with your loved ones to prepare for the day.

Having daily meal, break and exercise times at a similar time that you normally would can bring back a sense of normality and reduce the number of distractions that may be at home.

2. Keep your plate colourful!
Eating healthy at the moment might be the furthest thing from your mind but having a colourful plate and keeping meals healthy can really benefit moods and maintain good health. At the moment meals can feel restricted due to social distancing but if they are planned, you are more likely to cook them. This could be your chance to learn some new cooking or baking skills!

3. Movement is medicine
Yes, gyms are closed, yes social distancing is important and yes lounging on the couch might feel like a better idea than a home workout or a short walk! Get up and get moving.

We have endless resources at our disposal with online workouts and luckily, we are still able to go outside (if practising social distancing and in good health). It is no secret that exercise can boost your mood, it brings up our happy hormones and will also break up the monotony of sitting at home all day.  

Exercise and movement can be part of your daily routine, and part of your new normal. We understand there are days where burpees and pushups are not appealing, but maybe dancing, playing with your pet or cleaning the house suits better! We would love to know how you are keeping active, whether that’s joining us for SFAM home workouts or other platforms, share your pictures with us and let us know how you are coping!

This week’s home workout is SHOULDER STABILITY! This will keep those smaller stabilising muscles in shape for when you return to the pool, avoiding injury and enhancing overall strength!
Give it a go! 👇

4. Talk
Talking to co-workers, friends and family is an important part of coping, especially for those working in health care who face a challenging time ahead. You never know how others are dealing with life stresses and it always helps to check in on loved ones.

Facetime, Whatsapp, Zoom and Skype are amazing platforms useful for keeping in touch. A quick phone call can quickly change a persons outlook on the day. Spread your positivity and supportive messages, all it takes is a call, text or social media post!

5. Unwind
Just like a normal working week, it is important to take time for yourself to unwind. Evenings are usually dedicated to chores, washing up, getting the kids ready for bed etc and those things still stand but we need time to practice some self-care. This could mean mindfulness, writing a journal, meditation, having a bath or whatever gives you that head space allowing you to reset after the day.

The evenings might be the time you schedule your phone calls to loved ones or hot tip: many cinema releases are now going online first and music artists are now doing LIVE sessions on Instagram and Facebook. There are still experiences out there that can be enjoyed from your home, so please stay home, stay safe and stay positive.🥰

Now, more than ever Temple Street Children’s Hospital need your help. You can continue fund raising by sharing the I Donate Link with friends & family!

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