Swim for A Mile Season is Back!

January 12, 2022

Swim for A Mile Season is Back!

Get planning for 2020 and start your year right, with the Swim For a Mile (SFAM) Challenge! We are all heading into the festive season and we should enjoy it with the comfort of knowing, that there is a 12-week training programme waiting for us in the new year! 

If you have taken on the challenge before, you know that training starts nice and smooth, focusing on basic swim skills, with each week gradually progressing in distance and intensity. So relax and enjoy your Christmas and New Year celebrations, but book your SFAM 2020 Challenge today, to secure your place!  

The 12-week program will be available to download from you SFAM dashboard come January 13th, with most participating pools starting training at the end of January. Our famous technique clinics will take place over January 24th, February 21st and March 20th weekends and support from Swim Ireland qualified coaches will be available throughout your preparation and on your event day! 

We encourage swimmers of all abilities to take part in the challenge, with our mantra ‘If you can swim 2 lengths comfortably, we will get you to the mile!’. We want to encourage as many people across Ireland to dive into 2020 and improve their water confidence and swimming efficiency!  

Once you have created your SFAM account, you can book your 2020 event and avail of our early bird December rate of €25 – simply enter the coupon: earlybird on check out for the €5 discount. 

We are so excited to welcome back our SFAM’ers and newcomers to the challenge! First-timers can be feel daunted by the challenge, but remember everyone is a beginner once! It’s all about getting in and having fun, you’ll meet fantastic swim buddies at our SFAM training groups, so don’t be shy, show up in 2020!  

The Temple Street Children’s Hospital Foundation is our official Charity Partner for SFAM 2020 in the Republic of Ireland, with McMillan Cancer Support being our Northern Ireland partner. 10% of all registration fees are donated to the respective charities with participants also going to great efforts to raise further funds, for these incredible organisations and the amazing work that they do. 

We cannot wait to meet every SFAM participant throughout the upcoming challenge – see you soon! 

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