Swimming Smart

January 12, 2022

We hope that your training is going well and you are as excited as we are for the Swim For a Mile events to kick off! We hit the road this Tuesday for our first event of 2018, keep up to date on our latest news via our Facebook and Twitter, as we begin our road show around Ireland!

As your event creeps closer, take some time to work on your tactics within your training. Turns are a massive part of the mile and 800m event, if you can make this movement as fluid as possible, it can dramatically decrease your overall time! For those of you that have mastered the tumble turn, you will have no problem on event day and will likely have a faster overall time than those who touch turn. However do not fear touch turners! The’re are plenty of ways to improve the speed of your turn!

Rule number 1: Do not slow down on your approach to the turn! You want to build your momentum into the wall, as this same momentum is what provides that explosive push off.

Rule 2: Only touch with one hand on the wall

Rule 3: Drive your knees to the ceiling when your hand reaches the wall, so that you can plant your feet nice and high.

Rule 4: Don’t forget to breath while at the wall!

Rule 5: You do not need to turn around on your front before pushing off. Push off on your side and then gradually rotate to your front as your glide off the wall.

Try taking 5 minutes at the end of each session, working on your turns from now until your challenge and just watch the different on event day!

WATCH the breakdown of a Freestyle touch turn: Three easy steps!

We will be travelling around Ireland over the next few weeks with our first round of events, so if you have any queries over this time, please get in touch via swimforamile@swimireland.ie as we will be out of the office.

See you soon!

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