All About Swim for a Mile!

Swim Ireland’s Swim For A Mile is an initiative aiming to encourage people to get back into the pool and become confident life-long swimmers.

Why Swim For A Mile?

Did you know that over 230,000 adults swim in Ireland every week? It’s quite a big number but we still want to grow it further. Perhaps you’re a lapsed swimmer, or would like to set yourself a challenge for the new year, as long as you can swim two lengths of a pool, our Swim for a Mile training programme is for you. The simple fact is that you don’t have to be a high-level athlete for swimming to be physically beneficial and fun! As the National Governing Body for swimming, waterpolo and diving in Ireland, Swim Ireland want to encourage ever greater participation in swimming across the island. The programme has been designed with the World Health Organisation’s recommended weekly physical activity in mind and so those who follow the programme will be meeting these standards automatically. It is hoped that through this programme more and more people will rediscover the priceless resources at the heart of many communities – which is the local swimming pools and clubs of Ireland. The initiative began in 2014 with over 1,000 people returning to the pool and swimming a mile. In 2016 opened the programme to 12-16 year olds to encourage them to keep up their swimming skills. We also introduced a half mile (800m) option for those who think the mile is just out of reach.

How does it work?

Swim Ireland coaches have written swimming programmes that will enable those who can swim a little to swim a mile in just 10 week’s with each weeks programme delivered straight to your inbox. You can choose to follow the programme on your own or join one of the organised training sessions in a participating pool closest to you. Please note that training lists, schedule and costs are managed by the individual pools and not by Swim For a Mile. If you wish to attend training at your local SFAM pool, please contact them directly. For those who wish to set a definite target for themselves, swimmers can opt to complete their mile in an official Swim For A Mile pool challenge event where their swim  will be timed and they will receive a Swim For A Mile pack. What’s more, those who register for an event with us will also receive access to free coaching and technique clinics from former Olympic swimmers at designated centres. But be warned, the clinics fill up quickly so early registration is advised! Check out our Pool List to find a participating pool near you now. Everyone will also receive training tips, video demonstrations and online support throughout the 12 weeks via our facebook and twitter pages.