Complete Swim for a Mile this Active Schools Week!

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Why not join Kill O’ the Grange National School who took on the Swim for a Mile Relay Challenge and smashed it! Students swam a total distance of 19 Miles! During this Active Schools Week (24th – 28th April) we’re encouraging teachers to have children take part in the Swim Ireland Schools Swim for a Mile Challenge during their swim … Read More

The event is upon us! Final check list and things to remember

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This week we’re starting visiting pools all over Ireland for our favourite part of the year – meeting all Swim For A Miler’s from all over the country! Make sure to double check the time and date of your swim in the coming days by visiting your Swim For A Mile dashboard and bare in mind the final check-list and … Read More

SFAM Event Day Psychology

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We are rapidly approaching the actual events that will take place across the country between in the next 4 weeks and we cannot wait! We hope you are all as excited as we are, and for those feeling a little nervous, don’t worry, nerves are a good thing, your body is letting you know that it is preparing for action, … Read More

Taper Time! Less than 2 Weeks to the Big Event!

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Tapering is when you gradually ease off your training intensity while approaching a targeted event. This reduction in intensity will ensure that come race day you are adequately rested, and in shape to perform at your absolute best! With a few weeks to go until your event, it might be worth starting to think about this. For elite international swimmers, … Read More

Making your SFAM Training Programme More Interesting!

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It is important to mix up the training that you do in the water. Getting in the pool and doing similar work every day can be boring, but also not the most beneficial in improving your swimming ability. Here are a few different ways of training that can make your session more interesting and beneficial. Aerobic Endurance This is most … Read More

5 ways to know that you are now a swimmer!

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Swimming is a very unique sport in a number of ways, here are 5 ways to know that you are a swimmer! You might smell like chlorine! You might have other people telling you that you smell like chlorine, generally after a long swim, your skin will absorb the chlorine smell from the water. Don’t worry it’s not a bad … Read More

Swim for a Mile Corporate Challenge 2017!

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The Swim for a Mile Corporate Challenge event will take place at the National Aquatic Centre (NAC) on Wednesday, April 5th (11pm-4pm) with 50 teams (teams consist of 4 swimmers) competing in relay format. The fastest 10 teams (companies) will then compete in a Final at the NAC during the down time of the Irish Open Swimming Championships on Friday, … Read More

30 Pools Now Confirmed for SFAM 2017!

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We are delighted to have 30 pools now confirmed for the 2017 Swim for a Mile Challenge but places are filling up fast! So be quick, register today to secure your preferred slot! Follow the link below to find the nearest pool to you!

Out of the Pool – How to enhance your SFAM training

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It is extremely important to warm up and cool down pre and post all of your sessions! Warming up your muscles before training will enhance your session with cool down helping with your recovery afterwards. Below we will outline some specific warm up and cooldown stretches that you can complete outside of the pool so that you can get the … Read More

Keeping Mindset Before and During Training

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Out of Pool focus Being in the right mindset before you even get in the pool is crucial if you want to get the most out of your session. A lot of experienced swimmer will tell you that this is perhaps the most important part of the psychological side of swim training. If you aren’t in the right mindset before … Read More